===== VIPRERescue Tools =====

These scripts give increased functionality to the deep virus scanning tool, VIPRERescue.

==== VIPRERescueTempClean ====
After running the scan, the C:\VIPRERESCUE directory that is created is no longer needed and is outdated since definition updates are released at least once a day, and you have to redownload the whole package. However the C:\VIPRERESCUE directory can be as big as 300MB in size. If you need help keeping disk space under control, this might help you.
MD5 of VIPRERescueCleanTemp.bat: 11CCD54DD1BFBB47880161044C6885CE
Download: VIPRERescueTempClean.bat, 218B

==== VIPRERescueGet ====
This is a package of scripts and programs that will automatically locate and download the newest version of VIPRERescue. This is useful if you have a virus that has disabled your web browser and you cannot get to the VIPRERescue website. If you cannot even open the web browser and have not pre-downloaded this program, you may use the direct-download FTP link. You can connect to the FTP server using either Windows Explorer (copy the address into the address bar in the Explorer window) or even the command-line program, ftp.exe, which is built into every version of Windows since Windows 95.
MD5 of VIPRERescueGet.zip: 7053DEBB1FAF5484889CF4BBA213A368
Download: VIPRERescueGet.zip, 1.44MB - FTP Mirror

=== VIPRERescueGet Live ===
If in the event that malware has disabled your internet browser, I've created a "live" version that can be run without any downloading.
Here's the steps:
  1. Open Windows Explorer, and in the address bar, copy and paste this address: ftp://ftp.floorchan.org/vipre
  2. You should now connect to the FTP server, download all the files you see in the directory, and place them into a empty folder anywhere on the Hard Drive.
  3. Run updater.bat.
  4. Now inside the folder that you created, there should be a file called VIPRERescue*.exe. This is a self-extracting archive that will automatically start the scan for you. Command line parameters information can be viewed here.
Alternatively, if Windows Explorer isn't working, you can use the command line tool ftp.exe. You will need to get the following files in order for the scanner to work properly: From there, just continue as usual, starting from step 3.