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Welcome to the big pile o' data... hereforth known as... DATAPILE.

(also formerly known as Camo Yoshi's Website)

Either way, welcome, my casual acquaintance/friend/whatever-relationship-title-you-want, you've stumbled, (somehow) to my beautiful Web 1.0 styled webpage. I hope you enjoy your stay. Click the links at the top to find out more of what I do and such. (Like if you care... Sheesh). What's that? You want to voice your opinion, correct a spelling mistake, or just spout off to me why something sucks about me? Never fear, my email address is here! If you're lucky, you might just get a response... who knows, my response might just be a blank email with nothing it... ...hey! At least I responded! Geez, calm down, it's nothing to get upset over. I'm just a busy guy with a busy life. Sorry I can't be perfect. :\ ...anyway, I'll stop ranting now. Enjoy your visit, stay in school, and don't do drugs.
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